June, July, August 2014

Good  day everyone!

It's been quite an amazing set of months since the last post. The last post being back in June(2014), during Women in ID show, San Francisco, CA.  That was my first time in California, so it was a rush, everything was exciting, everything was fun, a saw a lot of amazing projects and met a lot of amazing designers. San Francisco is a place I could see myself living, mainly because of how nurturing the design world is to new-comers. Very different from the Texas life, ya'll.

Here are a few posts from the show : ID Women Selected Designers 2014 & 100s Turn Out

Anyway, another cool thing happened after the Women in ID show, In late June/early July, I got news from Reddot Design Awards! My product Manta (image below) has been selected as a Winner of a Reddot Award in Singapore! They will make the official announcement online and in person at the Reddot Awards Ceremony in Singapore on September 26, 2014! (it'll be a nice birthday present to me)

All in All, 

It's a really exciting time and I want to celebrate in any way that I can! 

I'll update you all soon when more news changes my life!

My plinth at the WID show in San Francisco

My plinth at the WID show in San Francisco

Hello world!

currently in San Francisco for the Women in Design Gallery Show! Come show your support Saturday June 14, 2014 at Astro Studios! Manta will be on Display!